Jaw Joint Problem

Many people suffer from chronic facial and neck pain as well as headaches. In some cases, this pain can be due to a problem associated with the jaw joint called the Temporomandibular joint and this disorder is referred to as Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome (TMD).

The TMJ gets used a lot while speaking, chewing, and yawning. Pain around these joints can be unpleasant and may even restrict movement. Fortunately, these problems are now much easier to diagnose and treat than they have been in the past.

While no single treatment can cure a TMJ disorder completely, finding the root cause of your problems can allow us, to help you reduce or eliminate the symptoms and develop a healthier, pain-free jaw. We have an expert who can help you diagnose and relieve your problems using Splints, Occlusal adjustments, TENS therapy, and full mouth rehabilitation if need be.

We at SS Dental Solutions have an expert at treating jaw joint problems related to occlusion and the only Dental Clinic in Kota, Hadoti uses TENS Therapy Machine.