Our team of experience dentist and support team work together to create the smile you deserve. Every patient has a story of their own and we are glad to be a part of it.

what our PatientS say

I strongly recommend their services to you. We are grateful to have come across SS Dental Solutions in Kota. They are highly professional and extremely considerate about their respective patients.
  • N.P. Singh
  • Retd. Opium Officer
During the first few days of my trip I suffered from increasing tooth pain.This brought me into the practice of Mr. Geet n Mrs Kriti as an emergency patient. They managed to treat my tooth very professionally and fixed the problem allowing me to continue my trip without pain. It was not only their competency as a dentist but also their friendliness and their helpfulness which has left very positiv memories for me. Where in Europe a dentist would receive you on a Sunday at 7 am for a check? I only may recommend SS Dental Solutions
  • Kathe Pessara
  • Switzerland
Thank you to my awesome dentists Dr. Geet & Dr. Kriti who gave me the spotless smile I always wanted in just 2 sittings. After dissatisfied services from a couple of dentists in the past, i was very apprehensive but, they both heard me out and gave me an admirable smile
  • Jyoti Soni
  • Student
The tastefully done red interiors, the soothing music and the coffee brewer sets your clinic class apart. The warm and cordial nature and keenness for perfection of Dr. Geet and Dr. Kriti instills lots of faith in the patients. Thank you for giving me the picture perfect smile.
  • Yuvika
  • Model
Dr. geet is a great doctor. He make every patient comfortable and treats them very nicely and with care. The procedures he perform are very professional and shows his expertise. I would highly recommend the clinic and definitely Dr. geet vijay.
  • Dr. tuhin Gulyani
  • Asst. Professor, Medical College
Thank you Dr. Geet and Dr. Kirti As you know, I had a bit anxiety before getting my first RCT done. Thank you for taking the time to answer my all questions about the procedure before hand. This helped me feel comfortable with the procedure. I am very happy with the result. Now my teeth looks perfectly fine, with no pain inside.
  • Tripti Kanwar
  • homemaker
Both me and my wife got crown placement and RCT done at SS Dental solutions. A must visit promising dental set-up equipped with latest technology and soothing atmosphere with a great cup of coffee. Recommended
  • Kishan & Suman Mohta
  • Industrialist
Thank you for hearing to my dental problem patiently as i was very anxious in my 7th month of pregnancy. SS DENTAL SOLUTIONS treated my gums and resolved the emergency issue. They also educated me about the gum care during pregnancy to ensure full term healthy baby delivery.I recommend SS Dental Solutions to all pregnant women for a MUST dental check-up. Thank you for the human touch.
  • Shabnam
  • Teacher
Whenever i have any kind of dental problem , SS dental solutions is my go to clinic. Well furnished with the most advanced materials, I always come out an extremely satisfied patient. Recommended to one and all
  • Rajkumar
  • Businessman & Hotelier
Thank you for taking care of my worn out teeth with capping. Your financial fairness and professionalism is comendable. I recommend SS Dental solutions for all cost effective and quality dental care.
  • Chandrashekhar
  • Govt. Employee
I just wanna thank you both for treating me at 10pm after an accidental emergency and for suggesting the correct treatment plan after few other dentists told long needless treatment options....Me & my father are fully satisfied with my renewed smile crafted at SS Dental Solutions ....
  • Alia Ali
  • Student
Thank you guys for giving me the whiter and brighter smile i desired for soo long. Super Recommended.
  • Bhawna
  • Fashion Designer
दोंनो प्यारे बच्चों ने बड़े ही स्नेह से मेरे मुँह की सभी दिक़्क़तो का समाधान किया. ईश्वर उन्हें ख़ूब तरक़्क़ी दे.
  • Gyan
  • Glitz Jeweller
पीने के पानी में ज़्यादा फ़्लोरआइड की वजह से बचपन से ही मेरे दाँत भूरे रंग के थे आपने मुझे सफ़ेद दाँत दे कर खुल कर हँसना सिखा दिया बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद.
  • Gurucharan
  • Farmer
Thank you for taking care of my worn out teeth with capping. Your financial fairness and professionalism is comendable. I recommend SS Dental solutions for all cost effective and quality dental care.
  • Radha Gagnani
  • Homemaker
I was referred to SS dental solutions after being misdiagnosed in jaipur and by 2 other dentists in kota over 4-5 months. I suffered from clicking sound and locking of joint of the jaw. I had almost given up before dr. Geet correctly treated me. Thank you Sir, i am indebited to you forever.
  • Bunty Yadav
  • Mining Engineer
Sincerity for perfection is what can I say about Dr. Geet vijay and Dr. Kriti mehrotra. And very well maintained clinic that provides full comfort.
  • Charu
  • Financial Analyst, Nepal
Thank you dentist aunty for making my mouth cavity free.
  • Rajveer
  • School Kid

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